A journo on anti vaxxers

Lachlan Forsyth at Newshub reports:

I’m a poorly researched schill who’s been brainwashed by Big Pharma, apparently.

I shouldn’t be surprised. My story addressing commonly held myths about the flu jab brought the anti-vaxxers out in force.

  • “In the pocket of big Pharma.”
  • “One-sided hatchet job.”
  • “One lemon drink in hot water every morning will keep the flu at bay.”
  • “Seventy percent of cot deaths happen within 10 days of a vaccine.” (This is the sort of vile comment that infuriates me. Not only is this completely and utterly false, it’s incredibly dangerous.)
  • “Why didn’t you do your research?”

Hang on, why do the anti-vaxxers assume I haven’t done my research?

I have. I just choose to listen to the scientists, doctors and researchers, rather than the cranks, frauds and nut-jobs.


Well said.

It’s the same rationale that says if you’re building a bridge, you listen to engineers; if you’re getting a wisdom tooth extracted, you go to a dentist; if you’re having a WOF done, it’s better to ask a mechanic than your neighbour Phil who once electrocuted himself by chewing on a car battery.

Why do people think that a bit of googling and reading on the internet is an adequate replacement for years of professional study and research?


Doing your own research is a good thing. But if you only are looking for research that supports your beliefs, and will ignore all other research, then it is less of a good thing.

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