Goff’s solution for Auckland – make everyone else pay!

Stuff reports:

Mayoral candidate says the government needs to cough up more funding for Auckland infrastructure if it wants the New Zealand economy to keep growing.

So Phil Goff thinks the residents of Timaru should pay for the infrastructure of Auckland.

The city was at its debt limit and even modest rate rises would go nowhere near to raising the extra funds required.

Yep because the Council has been on an out of control spending binge – one Goff wants to continue.

“We are growing hugely and the government, if it wants an open population policy, then has to come to the party and make it possible to fund the infrastructure that population demands.”

Yes there are many more people in Auckland, but that means many more ratepayers. The Government provides certain infrastructure such as schools and hospitals. The job of the is to fund other infrastructure. And you know if they spent less time trying to tell people what they can do with their own trees, then they’d be more able to.

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