How I would vote in the US Presidential Election

So what should voters in the US do if they want to vote for a presidential candidate who believes in free trade, lower taxes etc? Donald Trump is arguably even more protectionist than Bernie Sanders.

Well there are actually four parties that will be on the ballot in enough states that they could in theory win a majority of the electoral college. They are:

  • Democrats – Hillary Clinton (probable)
  • Greens – Jill Stein (probable)
  • Libertarian – Gary Johnson (likely, 2012 candidate)
  • Republicans – Donald Trump (presumptive)

Now sometimes the libertarian candidate is a fringe candidate. But Gary Johnson is in fact a popular former two term Republican Governor of New Mexico. Of course he won’t win the presidential election, but he is the candidate that true conservatives, libertarians and Republicans should support and vote for.

His record as Governor of New Mexico is superb. In summary:

  • Vetoed more spending bills (750 in total) than the other 49 Governors combined
  • School vouchers advocate
  • Cut the 10% annual growth in the state budget
  • Applied a cost-benefit analysis to all spending bills
  • Supported marijuana decriminalisation
  • Left the state with a large budget surplus

Only two of his vetoes were over-ridden, and he got reelected.

He is also incredibly fit – has completed several iron man triathlons and climbed the highest peaks in all seven continents (including Everest). Before politics he set up his own business and grew it to eventually employ 1,000 staff.

Who should be your second choice after Johnson, if you have to choose between Trump and Clinton?

Well Trump is far more virulent against free trade and advocates massive 45% tariffs. He is advocating as much spending as Clinton, and his budget proposals would see the US with a much higher and crippling deficit (around $15 trillion increase in debt). He also campaigned on breaching several rights in the Bill of Rights, advocates killing innocent family members and torture, and most of his policies are barely coherent. He also is an anti-vaxxer, opposes any reduction in social security and medicare entitlements and wants a higher ethanol mandate.

If it was a choice between Trump and Clinton, one can only choose Clinton. It’s not even close.

Now who would you rank 3rd and 4th comparing Trump to Jill Stein of the Green Party?

Stein advocates creating fake green jobs for every American out of work., cutting military spending by 30%, increasing taxes and nationalising the Federal Reserve and most utilities.

It’s tough, but she has even worse policies than Donald Trump.

So my order of preference would be:

  1. Gary Johnson
  2. Hillary Clinton
  3. Donald Trump
  4. Jill Stein

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