Poor Little

Stuff reports:

On top of the Greenpeace allegations Key also took a swipe at Green Party MP Mojo Mathers, who along with National MP Paul Foster-Bell, has been linked to a foreign trust.

During Question Time Key told Shaw to “just turn around and ask his colleague, Mojo Mathers, (who) has a foreign trust”.

Mathers sought leave in the House to dispute Key’s claims and clarified she was a “beneficiary of a UK-based family trust”.

“It is not a trust that I own, and it is not a foreign trust,” she told the House.

No-one owns a trust. But if it is a trust based in the UK then it is a foreign trust and she is a beneficiary of a foreign trust.

Of course there is nothing at all wrong with that. No-one thinks Mathers has done anything wrong. But Andrew Little is the idiot who has called for all foreign trusts to be banned saying they are of no value. So Key was using Mathers as an example of how stupid it is to claim all foreign trusts are bad.

Labour leader Andrew Little later defended Mathers and said Key’s comments were “dumb” and “totally tasteless”.

“If he was a man he would stand up and apologise, he didn’t do that.”

“She should never have been put in that position. She’s the only deaf member in the House and this is New Zealand sign language week. It was just totally tasteless,” he said.

I had to read this twice to make sure I read it correctly.

Andrew Little seems to be saying either that being deaf as an MP means you can’t be criticised by other MPs (and it wasn’t even criticism), or that during Sign Language Week you can’t criticise an MP if they are deaf.

Does this mean that during Maori Language Week Labour MPs are banned from criticising Hekia Parata and Simon Bridges?

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