A self loathing killer

CNN reports:

Despite mounting pledges of allegiance to ISIS, some say they believe Mateen was actually fueled by struggles with his sexuality — and may have latched on to ISIS as a vehicle for his anger.
Several regulars at the gay nightclub said the gunman visited frequently over the past few years. Cord Cedeno said Mateen saw him at Pulse and messaged him on Grindr, a gay dating app.
Cedeno said he wasn’t interested in Mateen, but his friend was.
“One of my friends … has been speaking with him since 2007, on and off,” on another gay dating app, Cedeno said.
“(Mateen) sent him a picture of his private part, and my friend actually was attracted to him. He almost went and hooked up with him.”
So he was gay (well if you are sending men pictures of your dick on Grindr, probably fair to say you are) but possibly so torn with self loathing as it went against his religious beliefs, he killed 49 people at a gay nightclub.
However more complicated than that, as was also considering shooting up Disneyworld.

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