Island Bay cycleway strikes again

Stuff reports:

A truck crashed into a car after avoiding a cyclist on the cycleway, sparking fears of worse accidents to come on the contentious route in Wellington.

John Wierenga said he arrived at the crash scene, near Tamar St, probably two minutes after the crash at dusk. 

A man driving a light Toyota truck said he had swerved to avoid a cyclist. …

Wierenga, a long-time Island Bay resident, said the cycleway was a disaster “designed by loonies”.

Residents and councillors opposed to the $1.7 million project have claimed it is a waste of money, forced upon locals despite a majority opposed to it.

The cycleway is hated by the locals, and I mean hated. They are not anti-cycling, just this cycleway.

I grew up in Island Bay. The Parade was a wonderfully safe road as it was very wide. But the cycleway has turned it into a dangerous stretch for both cyclists and motorists.

I’m very pro cycleway generally, and am very excited by the seafront one planned between Wellington and Petone. But the Island Bay one is a disaster and should be scrapped. I don’t think it can be redeemed.

Wellington city councillor Paul Eagle was on his way home when he encountered the upset truck driver.

“He was obviously going to the tip,” Eagle said. “He was a bit shaken, to be honest. He said he swerved to miss the cyclist.”

Eagle said he joined a group of about four locals to sweep shattered glass and debris off the street. He was told another accident happened nearby just a day earlier.

“It’s the first winter that we’ll have with the cycleway. It’s not looking good.”

The council’s transport committee will address the cycleway on June 30.

“The next thing that will happen is there’ll be a death,” Eagle said. “It’s completely avoidable if we apply common sense.”

The Council needs to admit it got it wrong and start again.

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