The New Zealand Centre for ICT Law

The Herald reports:

A new national cyber-law centre is being set up and its first project is putting the Harmful Digital Communications Act under the microscope.

The New Zealand Centre for ICT Law, which opens next month at Auckland University, aims to provide an expanded legal education for students and provide research and development into the impact electronic technology has on the law.

The centre’s new director, retiring district court Judge , said he regarded the centre as a vital hub for both the legal fraternity and the public.

“More and more IT is becoming pervasive throughout our community and it’s providing particular challenges and interesting developments as far as the law is concerned.”

Research was already underway on the effectiveness of the Harmful Digital Communications Act.

Future projects would include digital aspects of the Search and Surveillance Act, Telecommunications Act and Copyright Act.

This is a great initiative and Judge Harvey is the perfect person to head this up. Over the last 20 years the intersection of law and the Internet has only been increasing.