Reasons for a vote to leave

Matthew Plummer writes on why he is voting for the UK to leave the EU:

  1. Accountability – the EU is basically an appointed Government, not an elected one
  2. Eurozone integration – will be the main focus of EU going forward
  3. Trade – too many vested interests to do good trade deails
  4. Less Government – 10,000 EU employees in Brussels earn more than David Cameron
  5. Immigration – UK outside EU could do free movement agreements with countries such as NZ
  6. Progressive values – don’t come from the EU but Magna Carta etc
  7. Security – comes from Five Eyes, not EU. An EU Army undermines NATO
  8. Reform – meaningful EU reform can’t be achieved

The referendum appears to be neck and neck. Brexit was leading in the polls, but since the murder of Jo Cox, most polls have shown Brexit now slightly behind.

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