Trump’s numbers get worse

has hit a new low in polling, with 70% of Americans having an unfavourable view of him, including a massive 56% say their view is strongly unfavourable.

Here’s his unfavourables by demographics:

  • All 70%
  • Republicans 34%
  • Independents 68%
  • Conservatives 52%
  • Moderates 73%
  • Women 77%
  • 62%
  • Whites 59%
  • Non-whites 88%

Clinton is now at 75% probability to win in the prediction markets. I’d be tempted to buy some Clinton stock as it is hard to see Trump having a path to victory now. If 56% of the electorate strongly dislike you, that is hard to change.  Even in that should be supportive of him, he has over 50% unfavourables – conservatives at 52%, 62% and whites 59%.

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