Even Dave Armstrong wants some fiscal restraint from WCC

has an amusing column where he discusses the Mayoral options for Wellington with his niece. He goes through all their promises and at the end notes:

NIECE: Is Celia standing again?

DAVE: Apparently.

NIECE: I’m not sure she has contributed that much. When I see her I think roman sandals and cycleways. I want to be really inspired yet none of the candidates have done that so far.

DAVE: It’s a really tough job, the rewards aren’t that great and you cop a lot of flak. I’ve met these candidates and I have to say I like them all – as people.

NIECE: So what will the losing candidates do after the election?

DAVE: Get elected to council and bitch about whoever has won, I suspect.

NIECE: Okay, I’ll keep researching.

DAVE: I suspect whoever gets your vote will be our next mayor.

NIECE: By the way: a sports museum, film museum, new stadium, convention centre, runway extension, more cycleways, a second tunnel, free swimming pools, and a tunnel under the CBD. Who’s paying for all this?

DAVE: Guess.


DAVE: Another savvy?

NIECE: Cheers.

This is why I think all Mayoral candidates should state a maximum rates increase that they would vote for. Otherwise ratepayers will be left with continual unsustainable increases in our rates.

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