Federated Farmers vote for science

Stuff reports:

Federated Farmers has said farmers should have the right to choose whether to use genetically modified organisms, but others says New Zealand is missing the opportunity to market the country’s products as GM-free.

At its recent annual conference, the Feds voted unanimously that the Environmental Protection Authority should manage and make all decisions relating to GMOs.

Yes, let a scientific body decide, not stupid Councillors who pander to lobby groups.

However, Hawke’s Bay farmer Simon Beamish said exporters should “grab the advantage” of being GM-free.

A group of growers and farmers, campaigning under the Pure Hawke’s Bay banner, have persuaded the Hastings District Council to ban GM crops and animals under its district plan for 10 years.

But Federated Farmers is appealing against the policy, as the case heads to the Environment Court later this year.

Auckland, Whangarei and Northland councils are considering following Hastings’ lead and becoming GM-free.

If an individual farmer wants to be GM free, that should be their decision. But these statists want to force their decision on all farmers in a district and remove choice from everyone.

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