Prime TV’s “Back Benches”: 13 June 2016

From Back Benches:

THIS WEEK ON TV’s “BACK BENCHES”: Watch Wallace Chapman, Hayley Holt, the Panel and special guests discuss the week’s hottest topics!

A BIT WARMER THAT USUAL:  While most of us aren’t complaining about our extended summer and mild winter it is just further evidence that our climate is changing—redefining coastlines and weather. The Environment Commissioner has said it is our largest environmental issue. So, what can we do to combat climate change? Is it about re-evaluating the ETS? Can we reduce our emissions? Will it make a global difference? Restricting farming practices? Or working with farmers to create new, better farming practices? What are the knock-on effects if we do nothing?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US—HERE’S A HOUSE: As celebrated the party’s 100th birthday, they launched their housing policy promising 100-thousand affordable houses to first home buyers, cracking down on property investors by tightening the rules around capital gains, and revamping Housing New Zealand. But is their two billion dollar plan the solution we’ve all been looking for? Will this plan bring the dream of a first home into reality for more Kiwis? Or is this just a tweak of the plans currently in operation leaving more of the same for New Zealanders?

FULL OF PRIDE: New Zealand just celebrated the 30th anniversary of Homosexual Law Reform and this week, Uni Q at Victory University is celebrating Pride Week. How have we changed in the last 30 years?  Is it time to reverse historic gay convictions? What more needs to be done?

There are two ways to get in on the political pub action:

First, you can join the live audience in Wellington’s iconic Pub on Wednesday, 13th of June at 6pm. Filming begins around 6:20pm.

Or watch us that night on TV at 10:30pm!

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Our Panel: MP Jan Logie, MP Louisa Wall, National MP Chris Bishop, and Leader Peter Dunne.

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