Rental properties must now be insulated

Stuff reports:

Kiwis in rental properties which need insulation under new rules could face price hikes of $15 a week as a result of the changes, a landlords’ organisation says.

Labour says a failure to place heating standards into the rules means they are not enough to help families living in cold homes.

The new tenancy laws, which come into effect on Friday, mean all rental properties must have working smoke alarms by then, and insulation within three years.

There must be underfloor and ceiling insulation to 1978 standards in all 60,000 social housing properties by Friday, and all new tenancy agreements must declare the level of insulation.

Insulation is a good idea as it keeps houses warmer and reduces heating bills.

But it has to be paid for, and it can be pretty expensive. So yes rents will rise to cover the cost of the insulation. Hopefully this will be compensated for by reduced power bills.

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