15 out of 17 horticulture students failed a drug test

The Whakatane Beacon reports:

Mr Ball, a tertiary tutor who has been at Waiariki for three months, said he thought the compulsory drug testing was a positive for many reasons – for potential employers and the students themselves.

He said potential employers were more open to offering work experience and for the students it was a sense of pride that they could accomplish something and work toward a higher goal.

The institute began compulsory drug testing of all trades programme applicants earlier this year.

Waiariki regional development manager Greg Brimmer said at Whakatane those trade programmes were in the automotive, construction, agriculture and horticulture fields.

Of 17 students enrolled in the horticulture course for semester one, only two were clean, Mr Brimmer said.

15 out of 17 failed the drug test. Wow.

He said none of those students wanted to re-take the drug test, which meant the class had to be cancelled that semester. In semester two 16 students are enrolled and will take the drug test this week. Mr Brimmer expected most would pass.

So the 15 who chose to not re-take the drug test are now doing what I wonder?

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