All over for Clark candidacy?

The 2nd round of voting for the UN Secretary General has seen Clark drop from 6th to 7th but more importantly she now has more discourages than encourages. I suspect this means it is all over.

The results are:

  1. Guterres 11-2-2 (encourage, neutral, discourage)
  2. Jeremic 8-3-4
  3. Malcoora 8-1-6
  4. Turk 7-3-5
  5. Bokova 7-1-7
  6. Kerim 6-2-7
  7. Clark 6-1-8
  8. Figueres 5-2-8
  9. Gherman 3-2-10
  10. Luksic 2-4-9
  11. Lajcak 2-7-6

The more important aspect is how the P5 voted. Clark may hang on until the straw polls that reveal P5 votes but really hard to see how you get past a majority of the Security Council voting discourage.

If Guteres was from Eastern Europe, I’d say he win easily. But he isn’t.  Turk from Slovenia was doing best of the Eastern Europeans but Russia may veto. Bokova likely to be vetoed also. Jeremic may come through the middle.

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