Free wifi at bus and train stops

Stuff reports:

The Greater has unanimously voted in favour of free wi-fi to be installed at bus and train stops.

The sustainable transport committee resolution passed uncontested at Wednesday’s meeting, and councillor Sue Kedgley hoped it would be available across the region by next year.

“People can be productively engaged while they wait for transport,” she said.

“It reduces the frustration people have when they have to wait a long time, and improves the whole public transport experience.”

Many bus stops in Wellington are already in free zones. The way you reduce frustration is to have less of a waiting time!

“Ultimately I’d like to see it on trains and buses, but it’s a bit more complicated getting it on to moving transport,” Kedgley said. “The least we can do is get it in at train and bus stations.”

Would be far more useful to have it on the trains and buses and this is becoming quite common overseas.

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