Goff pledges 2.5% rates cap

The Herald reports:

Labour MP vows to cut fat, introduce road charges and cap rates rises at 2.5 per cent if he wins the Auckland mayoralty in nine weeks.

His fiscal policy, out today, contains a pledge to restore public confidence in the management of ratepayer money.

The born and raised Aucklander, 63, is a leading contender to replace Len Brown, who is stepping down after a sex scandal and overseeing soaring rates and debt.

“Unfortunately trust and confidence in the council has fallen to a very low level and the expected savings from amalgamation have not been made over the past six years,” Goff said.

His fix involves capping rates at 2.5 per cent or less, cutting council spending by between 3 and 6 per cent and introducing road charges.

Good to see Goff finally have a specific policy. 2.5% is higher than others (Auckland Ratepayers Association is asking candidates to pledge no greater than 2%), but now all the major candidates have made a pledge on what is the maximum rates rise they will vote for.

Of course Len Brown did the same, and broke his word.

Also good top see a pledge to cut spending by 3% to 6%. If elected, people will want to see this occur.

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