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Stuff reports:

Hundreds of would-be bus drivers could be granted visas to work in New Zealand, Winston Peters claims.

The NZ First leader said bus company Go Bus was “considering employing 200 drivers from the Pacific.”

But …

Go Bus managing director Calum Haslop said his company had “talked to Immigration  about the prospect of bringing Pacific Islanders into the country and offering them jobs.”

However, he said that was unlikely because of the high number of applications from local jobseekers.

So only if they can not get locals would they look overseas. As it should be.

The company had only advertised locally, not overseas.

Again as it should be.

A spokeswoman for NZ First said “a lady who came in” told them about the company potentially hiring 200 people from Samoa.

“The lady told and I believe her,” she said.

The spokeswoman said “the lady” likely found out about the bus drivers thanks to “word of mouth”.

This is what NZ First regard as credible. A lady came in and told us, as she heard about it word of mouth.

It would almost be a joke if not so serious.

But NZ First did not have a copy of an advertisement to prove it had been run offshore. 

Evidence? What’s that.

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