New look for Kiwiblog

After a decade or so of the same design, we’ve done a refreshed look for Kiwiblog. Thanks to Rachel and the team at cre8d designΒ for the work in doing this. Also thanks to the Inspire Net team for making it happen and keeping Kiwiblog running.

The major change is the site is now responsive and should automatically adjust to the size of your device be it phone, tablet or PC. Previously those viewing on phone were directed to a separate mobile site – which is no longer needed.

A few other changes also. The comments now allow threading so you can reply to a comment directly. This was meant to be the case on the old site but a bug stopped it working. Also only 100 comments per page now loads. This should speed up loading time massively but may mean a bit more scrolling.

We’ve gone to only one sidebar so there is more room for content in the main section of the page. Some of the links previously on the sidebar are now at the top or bottom of the site.