Peters against farmers making more money

Stuff reports:

Dairy giant has been accused of “economic treason” after shipping thousands of dairy cows from Timaru to China. …

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said this trend would “cripple our competitive strength” and exporting dairy cows to China was a betrayal of the nation’s economy.

The person guilty of economic treason is Peters who campaigned against the China FTA which has seen exports to China soar.

As usual, Peters is making things up.

However, a Fonterra media spokesperson said the cows that left Timaru had not been sold to the Chinese, but they would be going to one of five farming hubs in China owned by Fonterra.

“We import our own animals to help us maintain our high standards of milk quality, which ultimately helps us secure a premium price for our milk in the Chinese market,” she said.

So this helps Fonterra sell more milk in China. Farmers should tell Peters to butt out of telling them what to do – just as they have with Silver Fern Farms.

Rearing and grazing livestock for export also provided an important additional source of income for many farmers in New Zealand, she said.

So Peters is against farmers being able to produce more income for themselves.

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