Scotland deficit almost 10% of GDP

The Guardian reports:

The gap between ’s public spending and tax revenues has widened, with the crash in global oil prices leading to a deficit of nearly £15bn.

The latest official data shows that Scotland’s structural deficit was more than twice that of the UK last year, after its share of North Sea oil tax revenues collapsed, falling from £1.8bn in the previous year to £60m.

The government expenditure and revenue Scotland (Gers) figures show that in 2015-16, Scottish tax receipts were £400 less than the UK average, at £10,000, after several decades during which oil had pushed them above the UK level.

The Scottish and UK governments spent £1,200 a head more on public services inScotland, and on Scotland’s share of UK and overseas spending, while overall tax receipts fell by £400 a head.

This is why I support Scottish independence. Then they’ll have to fund everything themselves and face the reality of government. Too easy to blame the rest of the UK for everything.

If they went independent with a high spending high taxing Government, then you could compare how their standard of living goes compared to the rest of the UK.

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