Wgtn Light Rail has a BCR of 0.05

Stuff reports:

The cost of light-rail “utopia” for Wellington could be headed down as a group of councillors say half a billion dollars can be shaved off its price tag.

According to the group, modern street trams could link the city to the airport and southern suburbs for $450m to $650m, depending on the route they took. 

Greater Wellington regional councillors Paul Bruce, Sue Kedgley and Daran Ponter have united to push for  to be put back on the agenda, ahead of local body elections in October.

They’re supported by two regional council candidates Dr Roger Blakeley, and Dr Russell Tregonning. 

Do not vote for any of these people. They are unwilling to accept fiscal reality.

Even Celia Wade-Brown was willing to accept reality when it emerged that the benefit to cost ratio for light rail in Wellington was 0.05. That is a benefit of $5 for every $100 spent. Slightly better than burning $100 notes.

First of all never believe costings made up by politicians saying they think it can be done for half the price.

But even if they were right, the BCR would be 0.10 instead of 0.05. That is still an appalling waste of money.

You can be very pro but think light rail is bonkers due to the cost. Think of the opportunity cost if you spent $500 million on say dedicated bus lanes. You could have buses every five minutes on every route probably.

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