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I’ve blogged the latest poll (One News Colmar Brunton) at Curia.

It has Labour dropping 3% to 26%.  This is 8% lower than they were at in September 2013. It is the equal lowest score in this poll since the 1990s.

One News reported:

Labour has been quick to attack the poll, leader Andrew Little saying the poll is “bogus” and he doesn’t accept it.

Is he accusing Colmar Brunton of fraud or TVNZ? What does he mean the poll is bogus? He sounds very angry.

At the last election in September 2015 this same poll had Labour at 25.2%. They got 25.1%. They were very accurate for Labour. In fact it was National they got a bit wrong with a poll of 45.1% vs an actual election result of 47.0%

He says he has seen other that tell a completely different story.

Roy Morgan has had Labour under 30% in every poll since September 2015 and currently have Labour at 25.5%.

The reason Little is so upset may be that on this poll Labour would get only four List MPs. If they drop another couple of per cent, he won’t get back into Parliament himself on the list.

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