Mayoral Power Rankings

has published a power ranking list of Mayors, based on opinions from their reporters.

It’s a good idea but seems to be based partially on how big the Council is and partially on how sucessful the Mayor is at getting agreement from their Councils and communities.Β They have as second equal so are basically saying no matter is Mayor of Auckland, they will be rated 9/10.

Anyway their most power Mayors are:

  • Winton Dalley, Hurunui – 10
  • Len Brown, Auckland – 9
  • Tony Kokshoorn, Grey – 9
  • John Tregidga, Hauraki – 9
  • Ross Dunlop, South Taranaki – 9
  • Wayne Guppy, Upper Hutt – 9

At the other end the bottom ranked is Mike Havill of Westland at 2/10.

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