Manufacturing doing well

Labour, Greens and NZ First claimed that was doing so badly in that it was a manufacturing crisis. In reality is was a manufactured crisis.

Catherine Beard, the executive director of ManufacturingNZ dispels four myths:

  1. is a sunset industry
  2. Food isn’t real manufacturing
  3. It’s all made overseas anyway
  4. The future is in services, not

She concludes:

Examining these four myths reveals some important truths about manufacturing. It is strategic, it is broad-based including both food and non-food manufacturing, it is well integrated in the global economy, it is based on the ingenuity and creativity that New Zealand is famous for, and it’s bringing economic growth.

The true story of in is great news.

in NZ employs 250,000ย New Zealanders and has a $12 billion wages bill.


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