Nash criticised for attacking district police commander

NewstalkZB reports:

A skirmish between Labour and the has blown up into an all-out war of words.

Deputy Commissioner Viv Rickard has written to Labour leader Andrew Little, complaining that Napier MP is going too far in his criticisms of Eastern District Commander Sandra Venables.

The Deputy Commissioner has had enough, saying Stuart Nash is repeatedly attacking someone who isn’t allowed to reply publicly, and that he’s incorrectly blaming the District Commander for the problems he sees.

Mr Rickard’s letter has also been posted to the internal police bulletin board, for all staff to see.

The Deputy Commissioner has declined a request for interview, saying Mr Little had promised a reply, and he’ll extend the courtesy of waiting for that response, before talking about it in the media.

Mr Nash said he’s raising issues that the community wants addressed, but admits he possibly shouldn’t personally target the District Commander.

“She might not be allowed to come out and say MP Stuart Nash is wrong and I refute this, I’d like to meet him at dawn with pistols.”

“But what she can do is start taking a really proactive stance on communicating with the community.”

Attacking a public servant who can’t respond is not a good look.

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