Another poverty story not fact checked

Stuff reports:

An 11-year-old girl and her 9-year-old brother became homeless when their mother was sent to prison.

Their grandmother ‘Nanny’ Lisa Carter had given up her job to help look after them and until July this year they got by on $220 a week.

This is incorrect. If their grandmother has gone onto sole parent benefit she gets $326 a week from that and $157 a week family tax credit for a total of $483 a week – more than twice as much as claimed.

Also should point out that as both kids are at school, would be even better off with a part-time job as that would pay more than the benefit and you get the in work tax credit on top of that.

The family had been living together in a Housing New Zealand property, with Carter’s daughter as the tenant, before she was jailed in February for a handful of offences.

So the poverty is caused by the criminal offending.

Carter and her grandchildren had to move out. For three months they lived in motels, while they waited for a home to become available.

And why are we not told the nature of the criminal offending that meant they had to move out?

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