Best Paul Henry interview

Greg Bruce interviews Paul Henry:

“Okay, let me talk about a person at an airport,” Henry said. “When you’re standing in the queue and you know you have to take things out of your pockets and out of your briefcase, do you know you’re going to have to do that?”

He waited for an answer, so I said, “Yes.”

“So why – the f*** – do you get to the front of the queue and have all this – ‘Oh f***! Oh shit! Oh my f***in’ Christ! I had no idea I had a hand grenade in my pocket! Oh, do I need to put my laptop in a separate thing? Do I need to take this out of my sock? Do I need to take my shoes off? Am I a complete f***in’ moron who can barely breathe on my own?’

“Do you have any idea how much that infuriates me? And I’m standing behind these c***s and I think, ‘What is it about you that is so f***ing special that you can hold me and all these other people up because you are so without your own f***ing mind that you can’t prepare in all the f***ing time you’ve had to get your laptop – ‘Oh, what have I got in here? Oh, what have I got with me? Oh, I’ve got two litres of plutonium. Do I need to put that in a separate tray?’

“You know? And you think, ‘What is it with you, you complete f***in’ moron?’ And you’re going overseas, you’re going to f***in’ Sydney or wherever you’re going, to a f***in’ CEOs’ conference and you can’t f***ing get the two litres of plutonium out of your briefcase in advance, you complete f***in’ dipstick.’

Love it.

I share his pain. When I get to the security scanner my keys, phone and all metal are in my laptop bag and my laptop is ready to go in the tray. So takes me around five seconds, while for so many others they take ages removing things they could have done in the queue.

The whole interview is very amusing.

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