Hooton on locker room talk

Matthew Hooton makes eight points on Twitter:

  1. Men do not tend to talk much in the locker room at all.
  2. If we do, the talk is mainly about exercise, sport, family, work etc (and, for some losers, even politics).
  3. It would almost always be seen as weird to talk about sex while getting changed or showering with other men.
  4. When at the pub, a long boozy lunch or on a lads’ weekend etc, men talk about sex a great deal.
  5. Almost all this talk is purely and passively voyeuristic, e.g. “Man that chick at the pub last night was hot.”
  6. Going beyond voyeuristic talk is not unknown but it is uncommon because talking about acts risks being creepy even in such settings.
  7. Even if talk is about acts, the concept of consent is implied. Anyone who boasted about a non-consensual act would be utterly shunned.
  8. I’ve never heard anyone talk like Trump did. Even in my non-PC circles, it would mark someone out as a creep, a loser & dangerous.

I agree with Matthew.

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