Peace protesters want Russian aircraft shot down

The Guardian reports:

Hundreds of people including the actor Carey Mulligan have protested in central London to call for the government to end the bloodshed in .

How can they do that?

Mulligan said Britain could lead the way in efforts to address the plight of children caught up in the bitter war. The crowd included children wearing “Save Aleppo” T-shirts and other people carrying placards urging a “No-bomb zone now”, while some flew Syrian flags.

The bombs are not British. They are Russian.

Campaigners said the day of action was a rebuttal to Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, who called for protests outside the Russian embassy, because they feel the British government needs to play a stronger role.

In what way?

Bert Wander, Avaaz campaign director, said: “The bloodbath in Aleppo has gone on long enough, and Theresa May must listen to the people on the streets and support a no-fly zone to stop the slaughter.

Sure you can do that. But do they understand what a no-fly zone is? It means that British aircraft and ships will show down any Russian or Syrian planes that take to the air over Aleppo. So they are calling for the UK to shoot down Russian aircraft.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with that, but peace protesters normally moan that western countries are involved in a war. Here they are complaining that they are not involved.

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