She’d be better off campaigning for Trump

Stuff reports:

Christchurch woman Rachel Thomas and her three children will walk from Christchurch to Wellington to protest the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) trade deal. 

Thomas and her children, Tema,11, Pita, 9, and Jai, 5, will set off at 9.30am from Cathedral Square and make their way to Kaiapoi with about 40 supporters.

The walk will take three weeks with the group expected to arrive in Wellington on November 3. 

Speaking from the house bus she shares with her children and partner, Justin Roberts,Thomas said the trade deal, which was signed by the Government in February, could still be over-turned.

So she is taking her kids on a three week protest march rather than have them in lessons. So great to have a five year old on a protest march.

Anyway she is wasting her time marching in New Zealand. Her golden hope is Donald Trump. If he is elected US President, that will kill the . So she’d be far better off to drive her house bus over to the US so she can campaign for him.


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