13 exit poll findings

The Washington Post finds 13 things in the exit :

  1. Trump won the white vote by a record margin – but only 1% more than Romney
  2. There was no surge of female voters – fewer women voted
  3. There was no surge of Latino voters – Trump did better than Romney
  4. Education level mattered hugely in your vote choice
  5. Trump did better with white evangelicals than Romney – despite being on his third marriage
  6. Trump didn’t bring lots of new voters to the process
  7. The economy was the big issue — and Clinton won it
  8. This was a change election. And Trump was the change candidate.
  9. Obamacare was a wind beneath Trump’s wings – the 25% increase in premiums helped Trump
  10. Trump’s personal image was and is horrible – still only 38% favourable rating
  11. Clinton’s email hurt her – 63% of Americans said it was a significant issue yet Democrats tried to claim no one cared
  12. This was a deeply pessimistic electorate
  13. People didn’t think Trump lost the debates as badly as I did

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