Little attacks Leggett

Newshub reports:

Mr Leggett had previously been tipped as a future leader of the party, but there are now rumours he might jump ship and stand for National in the Mana electorate next year, currently held by ’s Kris Faafoi.

“I’m not particularly worried – we’ve got a fantastic MP in Mana who’s established himself,” Mr Little told Newshub.

“I said at the time when Nick stood for the Wellington mayoralty that he wasn’t true Labour. He claimed that he was. He wasn’t elected.

“I think that New Zealanders actually see through people who say they are one thing but they’re not, and they get backed by the 1 percent to challenge Labour MPs and Labour candidates. I think people are past that so no, I’m not particularly worried.” …

Mr Little also attacked Mr Leggett over his disloyalty to the Labour Party.

“People who are aligned to the Labour cause actually genuinely take action about improving housing, about lifting incomes, about making sure that schools are properly funded, and our hospitals are properly funded.

“What they don’t do is go around looking for those on the highest incomes to back them – to challenge whoever because that’s all they want. Labour people, passionate Labour in their heart – they stick with Labour, they campaign on Labour issues, and for the Labour Party. Nick’s not one of those people.”

Why doesn’t he just go all the way and call Nick a dirty rotten scab.

Little seems obsessed by the fact Leggett may have received donations from the detested “1%”. This seems to make him a traitor or something. Now to be a member of the hated 1% you need to earn over $200,000 a year approx.

So can Labour confirm that neither their party nor any candidate will solicit or accept a donation from a member of the 1%?

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