Union love for National

Stuff reports:

Women will be able to file complaints over pay equality with their employers, rather than the courts, following a Government decision to back the recommendations of an expert panel. 

It has been described as a “landmark” win by unions, which have applauded the decision. 

The announcement was made by senior ministers, who confirmed the Government had agreed to principles that would provide guidance to both employers and employees in how to assess and resolve claims.  …

Council of Trade Unions President Richard Wagstaff was a lead negotiator in the development of the Principles.

“I am pleased that the Government is committed to being on the right side of history in making real progress to paying working women what they are worth,” he said. …

The Public Service Association said New Zealand could “once again claim to be a leader in gender equality”.

National Secretary Erin Polaczuk said it was a “huge step forward” for workers of any gender in New Zealand. 

“There are many jobs in New Zealand that have historically been done by women, like support work or administration and clerical – and their work is undervalued.

“Today’s decision by the government sets about righting that wrong, and we’re delighted.”

A National Government has abolished zero hour contracts and agreed to pay equity claims. Maybe the unions should affiliate to National instead of Labour.


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