Problem Gambling Foundation loses

Stuff reports:

The will likely lose major government contracts again after the Court of Appeal ruled in the Ministry of Health’s favour.

The foundation was snubbed for several major government contracts for provision of problem gambling services in 2014.

It was awarded just two minor contracts for specialised services.

The foundation challenged the decision in the High Court and won judicial review in 2015. In the months since it has remained the primary provider of problem gambling services.

The Ministry of Health took that decision to the Court of Appeal, who on Friday ruled in their favour.

Associate Health Minster Peter Dunne welcomed the decision as a vindication of the government’s tender process.

“Frankly, a lot of time and resources have been wasted through the judicial review process initiated by the Problem Gambling Foundation, which could have otherwise been far more effectively utilised,” Dunne said in a statement.

“I said at the time that I thought that the Ministry had undertaken a robust, independent, peer reviewed process and the Court of Appeal’s decision affirms this”, says Mr Dunne.

The Court of Appeal decision is here and if you read it you will see how comprehensive the victory is. The High Court decision was found to be seriously wrong on pretty much every aspect.

I’m pleased with this decision because it means taxpayer money will now go to groups whose primary purpose is to help people with gambling addictions such as The Salvation Army. The Problem Gambling Foundation was or is a leftwing lobby group that devoted much of its energy to political campaigns. Now they have every right to do that – but not with taxpayer funding.

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