The Key Trump Mossack Fonseca conspiracy

Received by e-mail:

Kia Ora, My name is Sasha Perry, mid 2015 I performed on the Good Morning Show and shared the TVNZ green room with John Key.

John Key just starts talking in my direction saying “You know if you’re doing well, you should look into Mossack Fonseca.” Or “Invest into Mossack Fonseca.” I did not remember the Fonseca part just the Mossack part because it sounded like “Ballsacks” and anyone who has spent time with John Key would understand why my brain did that.
By now I’m totally looking the other way because I don’t care about money or White Prime Ministers who don’t return Maori Land back to Maori. Bedside’s the point, but just so you get what the “Conversation” was like. After seeing I had no interest in what he was saying, John decides to name drop. “My friend Donald Trump…” He said his whole name like that was going to impress me in some way. “My Friend, Donald Trump, got me onto them years ago.” Or something, along those lines, John said. I, being whangai to a lot of Maori houses growing up, just replied, “This is Maori land, give it back,” “History will only remember you as a racist thief.” Something along those lines, and carried on with my life. I never thought about that day again, my performance wasn’t much to write about, and I never think about John Key, until a couple of days ago…
I was watching an episode of “Democracy Now”. Which I had never seen before, but the show has been around for 20 years so you can decide if it can be trusted or not. Up comes an insert about the “Panama Papers.” In Democracy Now, they mention the lawyer firm or investment firm, Mossack Fonseca.
Mossack Fonseca, the same name John Key had spoke at me.
I googled it.
Wikipedia told me, The Panama Papers is a bunch of leaked files showing how some rich and heads of state, haven’t been paying taxes. It’s probably a lot worse than that, but surely if John Key is involved, there would be enough evidence to have him held accountable for ripping off the people of Aotearoa?
So I googled to see if John Key and, or Donald Trump where named in these files. Both names came up linked to the files. I then googled to see if John Key had been in anyway questioned by the New Zealand media about his involvement. John Key was accused of being involved and he was able to say it was a mix up with the Cook Islands.
I guess I would like to know.
A. Why is John Key saying he has left politics for family, when it is obvious he is running away from this scandal that has already forced the resignation of other leaders around the world? Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, Iceland’s Prime Minister resigned as did Prime Minister Joseph Musca of Malta.
B. Why did our media help him hide his theft?
Ok thanks heaps for your time. I have no idea how these things are meant to be written but if someone could please explain this all to me, because all I can see is our illegal English government ripping off Maori, and the people of Aotearoa, while the media helps make that happen.
I can’t remember what episode we were on but this is a link to our performance and on the episode John was defending touching a little girl’s hair. TVNZ should have records that will confirm that we were in the green room and adjacent hallway at the same time.

This is a huge scandal obviously. It is like the Moment of Truth but even bigger. Key and Trump and Mossack Fonseca. I can’t wait for the Nicky Hager book!

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