Audrey Young’s Politician and Backbencher of the Year Awards


Backbencher of the year goes to first-term National list MP Chris Bishop. He has had luck in getting private member’s bills drawn from the ballot but unlike many in the ballot, his are meaningful bills.

And because of his bill, live organ donors will be compensated 100 per cent for loss of income for up to three months.

Another bill addresses some technical anomalies that allowed an award-winning book Into the River by Ted Dawe to be subject to an interim ban for six weeks in 2015.

Essentially the bill will offer the President of the Film and Literature Board of Review other options.

He has huge promise although it is unlikely the new Prime Minister would promote a first-term MP to a ministerial post in his reshuffle on Sunday.

Well done Bish.

There is, however, only one contender for Politician of the Year, John Key for the sheer audacity of his exit after eight years in office, and for the kind of Prime Minister he was.

No surprise.

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