Watson denied parole again

The Herald reports:

has been denied parole.

A report released by the New Zealand revealed the decision today.

The report stated that Watson’s risk of violent recidivism was very high.

This is the top category. The four categories are:

  • Low – below 50% chance of reoffending
  • Medium – 50 to 65% chance
  • High – 65% to 90% chance
  • Very high – over 90% chance

So he is judged almost certain to reoffend violently.

On a psychopathy checklist he fell within a group of offenders “who show an elevated rate and speed of recidivism, particularly relative to violence”.

The report acknowledged that limited information is known about his index offending but identified “perceived sexual rejection, ruminations upon revenge, positive affect associated with inflicting pain and distress and a disinhibition through alcohol intoxication”.​

Sounds lovely doesn’t he.

Watson’s next parole hearing has been postponed for four years until December 6, 2020 due to the estimated time it will take Watson to be rehabilitated.

That is very significant. Basically they are saying he has no chance of parole in the near future as he has refused to go on any courses to reduce his chances of reoffending.

Some people assert he can’t be released on parole unless he admits he was guilty. This is not true. The Parole Board has often released people who have never admitted guilt. The criteria is whether or not they are likely to reoffend.

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