Browning and Delahunty to retire in 2017

The Herald reports:

Two Green Party MPs have announced they will retire from politics after next year’s election.

and said they would not seek reelection in 2017.

Delahunty, who is the Green Party’s education spokeswoman, said she was proud of her eight years in Parliament.

“I feel particularly proud of the work I’ve done around building a quality, more inclusive public education system, leading our party’s nationwide campaign for swimmable rivers, speaking up for the people of West Papua, and working for a national register of contaminated toxic sites.

“I intend on spending the coming months campaigning hard on these issues, which I know many thousands of New Zealanders care deeply about. After that, I am looking forward to continuing my lifelong commitment to activism and community building, as well as spending more time writing and being with my family.”

There’s not much I agree with Catherine Delahunty on but she has been a tireless advocate within education and has always been a very pleasant person to engage with.

Steffan Browning is most famous for proposing homeopathy be used to treat Ebola and more recently decrying Cuban exiles for not liking Fidel Castro as much as he did.

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