Will Labour give Winston PM?

HDPA writes:

He won’t admit it, but Peters is said to want a go at the prime ministership. I’m told he wouldn’t even demand half the parliamentary term. He’d settle for a year.

It’s not as mad as it sounds. It happened in Israel after their elections in 1984, when the leaders of the two coalition parties each had half the term being PM.

The question is which party is desperate enough to give it to Winston?

It’s not hard to settle on Labour. Three terms in opposition is a long time. It’s said Peters prefers Labour anyway because everyone in National from the backbenchers to Key has been smart to him.

There’s certainly no way National would make Peters PM. But Labour? If it means not doing a 4th term in Opposition and Little gets to be PM for two years?

Would the Greens support a Prime Minister Peters?

If National gets say 45% and Peters 12% there is no way Peters can demand to be PM.

But what say Labour gets 26%, Peters 12% and the Greens 11%?

Winston’s long held dream may come true.

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