Just one year to go until petrol is $10 a litre as the Greens claimed

In 2008 Russel Norman proclaimed:

Predictions from prestigious Australian research institute CSIRO that petrol could cost up to AUS$8 – about NZ$10 – per litre within a decade means we need to rapidly change course to avoid serious economic disarray, Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman says.

“Petrol at that price would make the Government’s entire motorway building project a white elephant – modern day Easter Island statues. Our new motorways would be monuments to short sightedness and profligate waste of resources.

“Governments even contemplating building motorways like the billion dollar-plus Transmission Gully project in Wellington or the $2 billion Waterview tunnel project in Auckland are seriously out of touch with reality,” Dr Norman says.

In 2008 the average price of petrol was $1.82 a litre. In 2016 they were under $2 a litre, and in fact had increased by less than inflation.

Imagine if we had listened to the and canned all motorway projects.

Remember this release the next time they claim what something will be in the future.

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