NZ No 1 again

The Herald reports:

New Zealand has reclaimed its ranking as the least corrupt country in the world in an international survey.

Transparency International’s Perceptions Index for 2016 gave New Zealand a score of 90 points out of 100, placing it first-equal with Denmark out of 176 countries.

The index draws on up to 13 surveys “covering expert assessments and views of businesspeople” to compile its rankings.

Among the criteria used to determine rankings are press freedom, public access to official information, fundamental rights and the absence of corruption.

A very good survey to come top of. Doesn’t mean we are perfect or can be complacent, but it speaks well to New Zealand society.

The top 10 are:

1 = New Zealand
1 = Denmark
3 Finland
4 Sweden
5 Switzerland
6 Norway
7 Singapore
8 Netherlands
9 Canada
10 = Germany
10 = Luxembourg
10 = United Kingdom

The bottom five are:

176 Somalia
175 South Sudan
174 North Korea
173 Syria
172 Yemen

By continent some interesting variations:

Americas – Canada, US and Uruguay top and Venezuela, Haiti and Nicaragua bottom

Asia Pacific – NZ, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong top and North Korea bottom

Europe – Nordic countries top and Greece lowest in Western Europe

Middle East – UAE and Israel top and Syria bottom

Africa – Botswana top and Somalia bottom

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