Rob Hosking on Labour-Green SOTN


Green party co-leader Metiria Turei talked about the women who had inspired her. It wasn’t a bad bit of personal history and colour. The are in favour of feminism, she proclaimed.

But yeah, we kind of knew that.  

The main event, the speech from leader Andrew Little, also spoke of a personal journey, in his case a battle back from prostate cancer, coupled with his hopes for his own kids about owning their own home and turning that into a critique of the current government.

But policy? There was none.

In both cases, the Labour and the Green parties declared themselves in favour of nice things, and firmly against not-nice things.

Very bold indeed.

There is going to be, globally, an anti-Trump backlash, a reaction against everything the 45th president of the United States embodies. By the time the New Zealand general election comes around – probably in September, but we could know the date by the end of this week – that sentiment will be running extremely strong.

This could prove tricky, though: Labour and the Greens might be staunchly feminist, but in terms of their other prognostications on immigration and anti-foreigner sentiment and on protecting New Zealand businesses, they are closer to Trump than National is. 


I’m glad Hosking made this point. Who like Trump is anti TPP?  Labour and Greens and NZ First.

Who like Trump is calling for less immigration? Labour and NZ First

Who like Trump attacks foreign investment? Labour, Greens and NZ First

Who blamed Auckland house prices on people with Chinese sounding surnames? Labour

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