Should there be a limit on how many goes to get a drivers licence?

Stuff reports:

The New Zealand Transport Agency’s latest figures show one Kiwi driver took 13 attempts to pass their full driver’s licence test.

Almost 10,000 people who received their full driver’s licence in 2016 had failed at least once, four of them failed ten or more times. 

The additional amount paid by people to re-sit their test, not including their first attempt, was at least $739,106. The person who took 13 attempts forked out about $820 in order to get their full licence.

Should there be a limit on how many goes to get a licence? If someone failed 12 times and finally did well enough, are they really a safe driver? Would you want a surgeon operating on you who had failed medical school 12 times before passing?

However you almost need a licence to be able to function in many parts of society, so probably unfair to limit the number of times you can sit. What I would do though is make all drivers resit the test every five to ten years. Just because you passed once at age 18 doesn’t mean you are a safe and competent driver for the next 45 years or so.

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