South Makara Road

Stuff reports:

Wellington Mayor is shaken but unhurt after a truck ploughed into a council car head-on.

Lester was being driven by his chief-of-staff and former Wellingtonian editor Joseph Romanos on South Makara Rd when a truck crossed the centre-line and slammed into them on a sunny Friday afternoon.

Lester said all people involved were shaken but unhurt, though the crumpled electric car – with what appears to be a busted front axle, shattered windshield and wayward bumper, would likely be written-off.

The mayor was returning to Wellington City after speaking at a United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Day at Makara Cemetery.

“[Romanos] was driving us back into town through Karori when a big truck crossed the centre-line.

“It came heading straight for us – couldn’t stop – and hit us.

Very pleased Justin and Joseph are unharmed.

South Makara Road is one I know well and is quite dangerous. I’ve had one near miss myself years ago when a car towing a boat came over the centre line and we got pushed to within a couple of cms of going over the cliff. Justin and Joseph are fortunate to be alive – there are many sections on that road where a collision would push you over.

Without prejudging guilt, I’m appalled that a truck would be driving along there at anything but a very modest speed. There are some roads you can drive at the limit. This is not one of them. I normally drive it very slowly.

Again very pleased the accident did not turn out worse.

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