The next Reserve Bank Governor

Hamish Rutherford has an excellent article looking at the likely contenders to be the next Reserve Bank Governor. In summary they are:

  • Adrian Orr, CE NZ Super Fund, former Reserve Bank Deputy Governor, former Westpac Chief Economist
  • Grant Spencer, Reserve Bank Deputy Governor and head of financial stability
  • Geoff Bascand, Reserve Bank Deputy Governor and head of operations, former Government Statistician, former Treasury head of forecasting
  • John McDermott, Assistant Reserve Bank Governor and head of economics
  • Rod Carr, Vice-Chancellor Canterbury University, former Reserve Bank Chairman, former Acting Reserve Bank Governor
  • Murray Sherwin, Chairman Productivity Commission, former CE of MAF

That’s a very strong field to be choosing from and well balanced between three internal candidate and three external candidates. Of course we don’t know who else is interested so it might be someone from overseas.