Why the Trump dossier is almost certainly fake

I think the Trump dossier is fake, as in none of the specifics in there actually happened. Why do I think that? Several reasons.

  1. The dossier is almost cartoonishly perfect. It fits every conspiracy theory and prejudice about Trump – controlled by Putin, sexual deviant, hates Obama etc etc. I recall when Dotcom released his fake letter from Warner Brothers than Dim Post said it seemed like a cartoonish caricature.
  2. Not a single detail in it has been verified, while to the contrary at least one major detail has been proven false (a Trump adviser has never been to Prague)
  3. The dossier says Russia has been cultivating and getting blackmail on Trump for five years. If so, they are the most politically astute people in the world because five years ago or even two years ago no one thought Trump would be a credible candidate let alone President. Putin is a genius if he saw five years ago what no one else saw.
  4. If there really was a top secret operation which had managed to gather blackmail on the President-Elect of the United States, it wouldn’t be something is so widely known and gossiped about that a former British spy would hear about it from sources. This would be the most highly guarded operation in history.
  5. The former British spy (Christopher Steele) is generally well regarded but he may have fallen subject to Trump Derangement Syndrone and just willing to believe anything he hears, no matter how outlandish. Nothing he has in the dossier has any verification – it is all third hand gossip. Another explanation is that somone in Russia fed him false information on purpose so what has happened would occur – ie Steele got played.
  6. The media have a history of falling for fake documents, when the subject is a Republican. Dan Rather got effectively sacked after his show ran forged memos alleging George W Bush had pulled in favours to avoid Vietnam War service. The memos were an obvious fake (the typeface used did not even exist during the Vietnam War) but many in the media were so keen to get dirt they suspended disbelief.

The irony of all this, is Trump is strengthened (unless somehow it is true) in my view. He has the perfect excuse to go to war even more with the media, and have sympathy on his side. He could well sue Buzzfeed and almost beyond doubt would win – they admitted themselves they knew parts of it had been proven false when they published it.

Of course there is a limit to the sympathy you have for Trump as he has pushed fake news himself. But two wrongs do not make a right, and the so called Trump dossier is as laughable as the Obama birth certificate story – both without a shred of evidence.

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