Fake news from Australian Labor

News.com.au reports:

Trent Hunter appeared alongside Evelyn Kathner at a press conference with Labor leader Bill Shorten to talk about the Fair Work Commission’s decision to slash Sunday and public holiday penalty rates for hospitality, restaurant, fast food, retail and pharmacy workers.

“My name is Trent Hunter. I am a retail worker … I rely on Sunday penalty rates … I will now lose $109 a week,” he said.

Mr Hunter said he worked every Sunday at Coles and relied on the money to “make ends meet and to pay for my fuel, my rent and to pay for my food”.

But the supermarket giant confirmed to news.com.au that Mr Hunter would actually not lose a dollar.

“Store team members at Coles are employed under an enterprise agreement and therefore are unaffected by today’s decision,” the company said.

It’s since emerged that Mr Hunter is a member of the ALP and he has posted photos on his social media accounts attending Labor functions, including a photo with Mr Shorten.

They do this in NZ all the time. Get a party activist to pose as a disinterested person claiming they are badly affected by a Government decision.

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