Maybe let them stay if they help build the wall?

Stuff reports:

President ’s proposed border wall faces many obstacles. One of the tallest: building it without undocumented workers.

A labour shortage has left few hands to build houses and factories in the region, where wages have already been rising and projects delayed.

Now, the president’s plan for “immediate construction of a border wall” will force the government to find legal builders for a project that could employ thousands if not tens of thousands. About half of construction workers in Texas are undocumented, and nationwide 14 percent lack authorisation for employment in the US, according to the Workers Defense Project, an Austin group that advocates for undocumented labourers.

“If he is going to build a wall with legal workers in Texas, he is going to have a very hard time,” said Stan Marek, chief executive officer of Marek Brothers, a Houston commercial builder. “There is a real shortage of legal labour.”

I have a solution – automatic green card for any builder who spends at least a year working on the wall!

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