No thanks Mr Nduku

Stuff reports:

A former Zimbabwe secret police officer who murdered for President Robert Mugabe’s regime has entered New Zealand on a fake passport and is trying to set up a life here.

, his tribal name, arrived in New Zealand in 2015. Living in limbo, he was refused asylum or the right to work and study and has been forced to survive on handouts from friends and the expat community and could face death if deported back to Zimbabwe.

I await the Green Party petition to demand he be given asylum.

He said at 19, he was forced to serve in Mugabe’s secret police and participated in up to 20 murders, several rapes and multiple tortures.

Of course now he would say he was forced to serve, but you know what – secret police tend to be the most fanatical loyal supporters of a regime, not conscripts.

He could have fled before he murdered, tortured and raped 20+ people. But he didn’t.

Nduku spent several months in Mt Eden prison. While in prison he alleged members of the Mongrel Mob assaulted him on a regular basis.

“It was awful. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anybody.”

Yeah almost as bad as being raped and tortured.

Nduku said he had been living off the generosity of others in Auckland, forced to try and make a living without the right to work.

Well not a lot of work available for murderers in New Zealand.

“It sometimes feels like the Government wants me to steal so that I can survive. I will never take anything that does not belong to me.”

Oh poor diddums. He will murder, rape and torture but he draws the line at stealing.

“I once stole a mango out of hunger, and my mother gave me such a beating for it. My mother raised us right.”

The mothers of his victims might disagree.

Human rights attorney Deborah Manning, who represents Nduku, has tried and failed to convince New Zealand’s Government to issue him a work or student visa.

Good. He should not be working, studying or living here.

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